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Fri Mar 21, 2003 9:03 am   
THis is a news article that I found online.


The Ministry of Education announced that it has finalized the preparation of Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) for candidates sitting for the 2003 College Entrance Examination (CEE) which is expected to commence the coming May.

Briefing journalists at the conference hall of the Ministry, Vice Minister of Education, Dr. Teshome Yizengaw said SAT had been prepared by a committee comprising educationalists drawn from various disciplines of Higher Education Institutions of the country and organized under the auspices of the Institute of Educational Research of the Addis Ababa University.

He said all students who successfully complete the preparatory classes given in 11th and 12th grades would join Higher Educational Institutions in the country.

Commenting on the need of the preparation of SAT, Dr. Teshome said SAT was designed mainly for the recruitment and placement of students for learning in various streams of education in the country in accordance with their potentials and talent.

According to the Vice Minister more than 35,000 students would sit for CEE out of which some 24,000 are envisaged to be admitted to Higher Educational Institutions in the country operating under the Ministry with the remaining to join private colleges and other governmental institutions.

He said 30 per cent of the those eligible would be enrolled in Teachers' Training Colleges with a view to curbing the acute shortage of teachers in the country.

SAT preparation committee member, Dr. Ayele Meshesha said on his part that SAT, planned to be administered as part of the entrance examinations to higher education institutions in the country had focused on Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning believed to have predictive and indicative values of the candidate's potential in a particular area of study.

He said SAT included questions covering all syllabuses given in the preparatory classes which are directed towards the measurement of the cognitive aspect of the candidates.

English language, Mathematics, Natural Science and Social Science would also be administered in the CEE along with SAT, it was learnt.




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