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Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:42 pm   
We would like to get your input on your local community how your local community/ students association organizes events, manages the association and any other areas that you feel will be beneficial for Ethiopian students in general, so as we can learn from each others experiences and find ways of collaborating. We have outlined a few areas below and would greatly appreciate your input into all of the questions. The points outlined below are by no means expected to be the only areas for discussion, but rather as a beginning so that we may provide you with ideas of what we are looking for. If you feel there are other areas not covered in the bullet points below, please feel free to discuss them. We would love to hear about all and any areas of interest for Ethiopian students/ professionals or the general community.

If you are not a student at this time, please provide your input as a young professional/member of community. We would love to hear your perspective!

Thank you for your time!


What area of the world do you live in?

The areas we would like to discuss are:

o How do you recruit members?

Do you try to be inclusive, or is your membership only inclusive of Ethiopian students?
Do you include other groups, Eritreans/Somali/ other African countries?
How does it affect naming your chapter?
Any challenges?

o What do you believe is the role of leadership in your association?

How does a strong leader differ from a weak leader?

How do past leaders contribute once they leave office?
Do they ensure the success of the local chapter, do they ensure longevity? or once out of office gone forever?

How long is their tenure? Do you have specific laws that are consistently followed?
How can one become a leader? is there processes, if so what are they?

o What is the challenge in getting financing?
How does it affect decision making?

o What is the role of the local chapter in the community?

How do you gear events you organize? Is it only for specific groups? is it inclusive of members of society other than students - families, teenagers and younger students? Other than Ethiopian students - do local students attend your events?

o What are some of the events you organize? mostly cultural? is it consistent? (once a year/ twice a year ...?)

Do you hold other events, educational - ex. book club? Do you combine different kinds of events?

o What are the challenges of being a student, maybe working and being an active member of a community? How do you handle all responsibilities? Examples?

o How do you communicate among team members? What's more effective?

What are the challenges?
How do you communicate with other communities (Ex. if you're a member of the Illinois Ethiopian Students association, how do you communicate with your counter parts in California/ Toronto/ Addis Ababa?) What has worked in the past and what hasn't?
Other comments/suggestions/inputs
Question for ESAI/general Ethiopian Students/young professionals?

mdg (Melhik)

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