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Thu Jan 27, 2011 7:57 pm   
Rebecca Emiru was selected from a competitive pool of applicants to participate in a social entrepreneurship program in Kenya with Think Impact. They are awarding a scholarship for this program based on votes. Please support this young Ethiopian lady who wants to make a difference in the world!

Vote by clicking on the link below, scrolling down to her name (Rebecca Emiru) and clicking on her picture. Each person can vote only once, and the contest ends on January 31, 5pm EST.

Rebecca Emiru was raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and is currently a senior Political Science major at Amherst College. She hopes to use the skills she learns in Kenya to initiate a career in development in East Africa and Ethiopia in particular. She believes that social entrepreneurship is the future of sustainable development because it empowers everyday people in the community to identify and solve their own problems rather than imposing solutions developed without their input. Social entrepreneurship represents a fresh alternative to an over-dependence on foreign aid. She has been selected from a very competitive pool of applicants as a result of her experience in leadership on her campus as well as volunteering abroad and interning with various organizations, including the United Nations. So cast your vote and support a young person trying to make a difference!

and the link:

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